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Meet Anthony

Associate Executive Function Coach

Meet Anthony

Anthony has always had a passion for working with others and being a guiding force in their life. Through his years as an athlete and older brother, he grew a desire to work with children and teens. Anthony has sought growth through the field of psychology and aims to use this growth to benefit those seeking help. As a wrestling coach, Anthony gained crucial experience working with teens and adapting his skills to each child individually. He has formed an eclectic set of helping and listening skills through his education. His career goal is to journey with others and help empower their self-discovery. He seeks continual growth for himself, and as a result, he is able to provide genuine encouragement and support to others.

In his spare time, Anthony loves to spend time outdoors. Growing up in North Georgia, he spent his time near and on the Appalachian Trail. He loves spending a weekend on a hiking trail and sharing these experiences with family and friends. When hiking is not an option, he enjoys hanging out with friends, watching and playing sports, as well as helping individuals in the sport of wrestling.

Anthony obtained his B.S. in Psychology from Emmanuel College. After completing his undergraduate degree, Anthony was hired by his alma mater as an assistant High School wrestling coach and head middle school wrestling coach. His opportunity to become a coach only strengthened his belief that he is meant to be an empowering force in the lives of the youth. Currently, he is pursuing a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Regent University. The program is helping him to become a dynamic coach as he develops an exceptional set of skills to support and empower teens and college students.

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