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Meet Ridhisha

Certified ADHD/EF Coach

Meet Ridhisha

Ridhisha is dedicated to providing life and academic coaching, solutions, and strategies to adults and students with ASD, ADHD, giftedness, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. She is a certified ADHD coach specializing in coaching college students and adults with ADHD and executive functioning challenges. She has tutored and mentored students from first grade through postsecondary education who learn differently. In addition, she has delivered reading remediation and writing plans to struggling readers and writers with learning disabilities. As a coach, Ridhisha uses neuroscience and evidence-based strategies to support EF and ADHD challenges.  Her warmth, friendly nature, compassion and competence exudes as she helps clients live up to their potential.

Ridhisha lives with her daughter and husband, and her two cats. When she's not coaching, you might find her having fun and dancing all around her house, with her young daughter! She also practices cross-fit and mindfulness to help her stay focused in daily life.

She earned the ICF and CCE-approved coach training from the Institute of JST Training and Coaching and ADLER Professional School of Coaching.  She has certifications in the Foundations of Psychology and Counseling Skills, and Mindfulness for Peak Performance. Ridhisha received a B. A. in Communications from Osmania University in India. Currently, she is pursuing a postgraduate certification program from the Landmark College Institute in 'Neurodiversity and Learning Differences in Individuals' with a track specialization in Executive Functioning.

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