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When are the workshops?

Workshops are available based on coach-instructor availability.  Please check the "Study Skills Registration & Payment" Page for scheduled dates.


Where is the class?
In-person workshops are at the Life Anchored Coaching Office at 21351 Gentry Drive, Suite 250, Sterling, VA 20166

What if my child misses a class? Are there any make-up sessions?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer make-ups classes. You will receive the on-demand course after the last session, which covers the same material so your child can watch the class that he or she missed.

Will my child have homework every week from the study skills class? 

Yes, kind of - but not really!  We actually call it "FUNWORK" as they will be implementing what they learned in real life! For example: after we teach on how to "set yourself up for success,"we will ask your students to go home and experiment with the best location for them to study - and to make sure they have all their supplies!

How much do I need to be involved as a parent? (not applicable for parents of college students)

Thanks for asking! For middle schoolers and high schoolers, we do need you to be a supportive parent and involved where you can be.  The following are some ways to be involved. For in-person workshops, please drop off your child on time or better yet, a few minutes early! We will also email weekly update videos from the coach, letting you know what your students learned. So please watch those brief videos, and lastly, please help “encourage” or “gently remind” (not nag or micromanage) your student to do their "FUNWORK" for the week, and affirm them when they do it!

What happens if my child does not implement the skill (AKA as funwork) for the week?

We will encourage them to do so, the next week. The coach-instructor may also set up a reward system.

Do you have to be diagnosed with ADHD to take this workshop?

Nope! Some students have weaker executive function skills (ie. planning, attention, organization, etc) or just need extra support with learning study strategies - whether your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or not, they can still take this workshop. We do sprinkle ADHD fun facts throughout the workshop and we do teach ADHD-friendly strategies that are helpful for ADHDers and non-ADHDers alike.

what is your refund policy?

There are no full refunds due to the limited space available. If you cancel 3 weeks before the start of the 6-week workshop, you can receive a 75% refund of the total you paid.  Before making payment, please be sure you are available and committed to the dates offered.  If there are not enough sign ups for a given class, and the workshop is canceled, you will receive a full refund or we will work with you for other options.


If my student has already had 1:1 coaching, is this a repeat of that? 

Every student has different needs so if your student received 1:1 coaching, it was customized according to their needs/ goals. Most likely, all these study skills were not covered in 1:1 Coaching. If some of them were covered, it’s always helpful to relearn the skills and it helps reinforce learning to do it in a fun, group setting! 

What type of student sees benefits after taking this study skills workshop?

Glad you asked! The best student who sees results, is one who is teachable, who actually wants to learn (and is not being forced to attend) and regularly puts into practice what they have learned. Consistency and practice is the key to succeeding with study skills. Parents who show encouragement and a supportive, affirming home environment also contribute to the success of students. If your student is really negative towards the idea of signing up for this workshop, and is putting up a fight, we would encourage you not to sign up. Perhaps, the option of parent coaching may help you navigate these struggles.

Do you give the students food/ drinks I need to know about since my child has allergies? We will give out gum and mini chocolates at times, as rewards for in-person workshops. If this will pose a problem for your child, please let us know ahead of time so we can figure out substitutes. 

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