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Life Anchored coaching

ADHD/Executive Function Support for Students, Parents and Adults



Life Anchored Coaching was founded as a response to the needs of students, parents and adult individuals struggling with ADHD or executive functioning (EF) skills. Whether you are a school-aged child, teenager, college student, parent or an adult individual dealing with EF or ADHD symptoms, diagnosed or not, there is support for you!


Do you or does your loved one struggle with EF issues such as time management, disorganization, planning, memory, sustained attention, impulse control, emotional regulation, anxiety-producing thinking or overwhelming feelings? Did you know that you don't have to constantly struggle and feel like you are drowning in defeat?


You may feel tossed around in the waves, overwhelmed and at times, "going under". But I am here to tell you that there are skills, strategies and supports that can help you succeed and experience "Life Anchored". 

I am Jessel Newton, a Board Certified ADHD/EF Life Coach, owner and founder of Life Anchored Coaching. I have three kids, all teenagers, and all diagnosed with ADHD. Feeling overwhelmed was an understatement, but over time, and with support, our family has learned skills and strategies to keep us afloat!

I am now passionate about seeing others struggling with ADHD/ EF in their home succeed and reach their goals. Whether it's academic, social, health, personal, career or faith-related, our coaches have a relational, caring and holistic approach to helping clients.  Our team helps students, adults and families identify challenges, create realistic goals and implement action steps to reach those goals. We are passionate about helping clients experience transforming change in their lives.  Contact us today and let our team give you the support you need to get your "Life Anchored". 

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