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Family at a Beach

Our Approach


We focus on client's strengths and maximize them.  Together, we will discover your strengths, passions, and talents. We will encourage you to embrace what you are great at, and walk out in those strengths with confidence. 


One of our mantras is "There is a solution to every problem!"  We focus on effective solutions, skills and strategies and explore what specific solution works for you in order to overcome your specific challenges.

Image by Lisa Summerour


Whether or not faith is important to you, having grace for yourself, and others is key.  Our approach is compassionate and grace-filled, inspiring you to find the grace, forgiveness and understanding needed for others and self.

Our mission

To provide transformative and consistent support to students, parents, families and adults experiencing ADHD or executive functioning weaknesses by teaching and empowering them with skills and strategies for successful living.

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