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The Process

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FirsT, please complete the applicable pre-screening form here to start the process of setting up a prescreening call.  We will hear your story, understand your needs, and match you with the best coach that can help support your specific needs.


SECOND, a brief "meet and greet" with the Coach is scheduled, to see if working together is a good fit.  The Coach will hear your brief story and you get a feel for the Coach's approach and personality. This "meet and greet" can be a phone call or a virtual zoom, based on the client's preference. If you are a parent calling for your teen, the Coach will want to speak with them directly, prior to moving forward. The brief call with your teen will be set up directly with them when they are available. Coaching is only effective if your teen is open to coaching and wants it!  


third, an initial evaluation session is scheduled, where there is a thorough understanding of your situation, challenges and the goals you would like to achieve. After this session, a Personal Coaching Agreement (PCA), is created. The PCA is an agreement outlining your specific coaching goals and a plan for implementation.  If necessary, recommendations are given for parent/family/student coaching.


fourth, we jump into our weekly coaching sessions, where you will be empowered to learn new skills, strategies and solutions for change. We also do a 5-10 minute mid-week check-in; this allows us to hold you accountable for agreed-upon action steps for that week. Problems can be solved and change is possible, one action step at a time!  Whether you are a student, individual or a parent, tossed by the waves of life, these coaching sessions will provide the skills and strategies you need to create a  

life anchored. 

Ready for the next step?

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