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Teenage boy learning homework and study strategies

parents of students...

read this!

  • Do you want your child, teen or college student to build confidence in their academic life?  

  • Do you want to set them up for success?

  • What if you didn’t have to get into power struggles, and could enjoy them again, because someone else was teaching them valuable study skills in an engaging way?

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Next study skills dates don't work for you?


a Fun & engaging studY skills workshop 

ADHD friendly study skills workshop, classes and course


  • What is it? This study skills workshop is comprised of 6 sessions in a small group setting.  We have live virtual groups (you can do these anywhere in the world) or in-person options (in Northern VA) consisting of 80-minute sessions once a week.  We will also offer this as an on-demand digital course to view on your own schedule  (coming Fall 2024).  Students will be taught valuable study skills and have hands-on practice for these strategies.  


  • Who's it for? We offer workshops for middle school, high school and college students. The workshop is created specifically for those with ADHD or Executive Functioning challenges but it's helpful for anyone who wants to learn study skills in an engaging way!

  • how do i find out more?  See links below to join the waitlist for middle school, high school and college options. On-demand digital courses will be launching by Fall 2024.

adhd teens doing study skills outdoors

If listed dates don't work for you here,
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 Did you know?
Students who take a study skills class are more likely to succeed in school. A study published in the Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences found that students who received instruction in study skills showed significant improvement in their grades, test scores, and time management skills.

Student success due to learning study skills
  • Set themselves up for success by learning the best environment for studying and​ the best practices for a healthy mind and body.

  • Learn a variety of strategies to keep them focused on tasks to be done at home and work to be done at school.

  • Manage their time more effectively and create after school routines.

students will learn to:

  • ​Take effective that they learn and retain the information and do better on tests.

  • Read books more it doesn’t overwhelm them and they can push through until the end.

  • Learn strategies for studying and test-taking to help them be prepared for test day!

adhd kids successful with study skills

There will be hands-on practice of the skills they are learning during the workshop.

workshop overview

Session 1

Set Yourself Up for SuccesS

"You can set yourself up for success on the inside & out: having a healthy mind, body & environment!"

We will talk about having a healthy mindset, sleep, nutrition and the best study space for how your brain works best.

Session 2

Focus Solutions 

"but teacher, there was a squirrel outside my window....And. I. didn't. hear. a. thing." We will discuss focus strategies for the classroom and at home.

Session 3

Time management, Planners, Schedules

"I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! Let’s learn to manage time."  We will learn why time management is so important, encourage you to choose a planning system that works for you, and help you create a homework or study schedule that works for you!

Session 4


"What? There's different ways to take notes?" We will learn 5 different note-taking methods and discover which approach is best for you, so that you can start taking better notes to improve your grades.

Session 5

Reading strategies & study strategies

"how do i remember what i've read? how do i remember everything for tests?"  We will learn reading and study strategies so that you can remember what you've learned and recall this information for test day. 

Session 6

test-taking strategies Finale 

"You've got this! How to Beat the overwhelm when taking tests."  We will continue to learn test-taking techniques, including how to manage anxiety, so that you can be as prepared as you can be for test day! And we will celebrate all that we've learned!

Carl H, dad of 8th grader

"The session on note-taking had a dramatic impact on my 8th grader. The information was presented so engagingly; just the day after that session, I was encouraged to see my daughter employing the strategies she learned  - without me prompting her.

Abby B, 7th grader

"The study skills are working!
I got a 100% on my english quiz!!  The study tip about setting the timer when I study and taking breaks really worked for me!" 

Andres M, 10th grader

"I have been taking the study skills workshop and I am already seeing a change in the way I am learning. I am taking better notes and I have been using the study tips I have been learning throughout the workshop. Thank you Life Anchored Coaching!"


  •  6 Session Workbooks including study skills checklists ($60 VALUE)

  • Digital template bundle (ex. note taking, goal-setting, scheduling etc) to use forever ($170 VALUE)

  • Digital parent education mini-course "What you need to know about ADHD/EF Skills" ($97 VALUE)

  • Access to the on-demand digital Study Skills Course (available in Sept 2024) so you can have the content forever ($397 VALUE)

  • Extra executive functioning digital course lessons on Organization, Planning, Prioritization and Goal-setting ($197 VALUE)



Space is Limited.

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6 week workshop=
(8 hours total)             



Today's price = 

SAVings of $1,174


1Hassanbeigi, Afsaneh, Jafar Askari, Mina Nakhjavani, Shima Shirkhoda, Kazem Barzegar, Mohammad R. Mozayyan, and Hossien Fallahzadeh. “The Relationship between Study Skills and Academic Performance of University Students.” Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 30, 2011.


Disclaimer: This webpage is intended to give information on the benefits and content of this workshop. The coach/facilitator reserves the right to modify, supplement and make changes to the curriculum as needs arise.  Taking this workshop is not a guarantee that the participant will improve grades. The coach/ facilitator will teach the skills presented and to gain the most effective results, it will be up to the student to implement the skills.

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