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Jessel Newton Life Anchored Coaching

My Story Becomes Our Story

When I was a teenager, one of my favorite posters in my room, was a beautiful sunset amidst a backdrop of clouds. The words in calligraphy stood out, "The most beautiful sunsets are made from the cloudiest of skies." Little did I know how these words would play out in my life, especially in the season of parenting. 


I have experienced the challenges of raising children with either ADHD, executive functioning weaknesses, as well as anxiety and depression. Some days were filled with very dark clouds. I often felt defeated. Well-meaning advice from friends, family, pastors, and counselors often did not help. Since traditional parenting advice often does not work with kids who have neurological differences, I was desperate to find another way.


It was then that I learned everything I could about ADHD. When I began to understand the neurology behind it, my parenting approach transformed from punitive to supportive; from despairing to hopeful, from frustrating to transforming. I learned to implement more effective skills and strategies. I focused on their strengths and worked with them collaboratively to solve problems. I began to see beautiful sunsets from those very cloudy days, including the founding of this coaching practice. 

"The most beautiful sunsets are made from the  cloudiest of skies."
Author Unknown

Within the first year of starting this practice, I developed a long wait list. Many students, adults, parents and entire families were struggling. I have added coaches to my practice and now we support individuals and families with ADHD all around the world virtually, and in-person (in Northern Virginia, USA). Our team consists of coaches who are caring and competent, who have personal or professional experience with ADHD, or both.  Each of us has our own story, but together, our story consists of a passion to help others overcome ADHD/ EF struggles. My story became our story.


Jessel Newton, M.A., BCC

Founder & Owner, Life Anchored Coaching

Board Certified Coach, Center of Credentialing and Education

JST Coaching & Training Graduate, Training Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD

M.A in Counseling, Regent University

B.S in Family Studies, University of Maryland

Whether you are a student, adult or parent struggling with ADHD or EF weaknesses, we will provide a safe space for you to share your own story, explore your challenges, and work alongside you to create strategies and solutions for effective change.  We wholeheartedly believe a beautiful sunset is on your horizon too.


Jessel Newton

Life Anchored Coaching
Life Anchored Coaching
JST Trained ADHD Coach
Board Certified Coach, BCC, Jessel Newton
ADHD Coach member of CHADD
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