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Initial Evaluation
Life coaching

During the initial evaluation, (typically 80 min), we gain a thorough understanding of you: any history, your strengths, your challenges, obstacles and goals. Together, we decide the specifics on what you would like to work on, during coaching sessions.  If you are a parent of a teenager or younger, we speak to both you and your child during the initial evaluation session. For parents with younger children, after listening to your specific challenges, we can determine the best coaching plan going forward to include parent/ family or student coaching.  The initial evaluation is $195 and includes the comprehensive evaluation of your situation, the 80-minute session, any assessments (for students), and the creation of the Personal Coaching Agreement (PCA), outlining recommendations, goals and action steps.

individual coaching sessions

We are committed to provide customized coaching sessions, virtual or in-person,  to help you reach your goals.  Whether you are a student needing weekly help, an adult needing parent coaching, an individual needing ADHD life coaching, or an entire family needing support, our services can be tailored to your needs. The sessions are 55-60 minutes long, including a 5 -10 minute mid-week check-in for accountability purposes.  Note: you do not need an ADHD assessment or diagnosis to be coached.


We recommend a minimum of 3 months to be able to effectively identify goals, and implement a plan for reaching your goals. Consistency, accountability and patience is necessary to see change.   

Powerful results take time. 

Coaching session Rates & packages
(Virtual or in-person)

Individual sessions

  • $130 -$155 per 55-60 minute session.

  • Rates vary by Coach.

  • For those who do not want to commit to a package, prefer an every other week schedule, would like a few parent coaching sessions, or would like a "tune up" session every now and then. 

4-session Package (for One month)

  • $500-$600 

  • Rates vary by Coach.

  • This includes 4 x 55-60 minute sessions per week, and 4 x mid-week check-ins. 

  • For those who want to meet weekly but prefer the option of a month to month commitment.

12-session Package (for three months)

  • $1480-$1780 

  • Rates vary by Coach.

  • This includes 12 x 55-60 minute sessions per week, and 12 x mid-week check-ins.

  • For those who want the most affordable option and can commit weekly for 3 months.  

Meeting Location & Travel fee option

Clients can meet in-person or virtually.  Our virtual coaches are from various states and have flexible schedules to meet with you virtually. Currently, our in-person coaching option is only available in the Northern Virginia area, in Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties.  Options for in-person coaching include the Life Anchored Coaching office in Sterling, coach's home offices, your home, local libraries or other agreed-upon locations. There is a travel fee, if you request the coach to meet in your home, your local library or another location to where the Coach is required to drive.  There is a total round trip travel fee of $35 involved with any travel up to 30 minutes.  Due to time and expense limitations, coaches cannot travel to locations, exceeding 30 minutes of travel time one-way.

Ready for the next step?

"People with ADHD have more successes by focusing on their natural talents - and then by developing a plan to make those talents even stronger."
ADD Coach Academy

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