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Meet Colleen

Associate Executive Function Coach

Meet Colleen

Colleen’s life experience has given her the heart and motivation to help students with ADHD. Growing up, Colleen did her best to achieve success in a world driven by executive function skills.  She often felt embarrassed when she forgot homework assignments or arrived at games without her soccer cleats.  She thought her forgetfulness and disorganization would improve if she tried harder.  But it didn’t.  It was not until Colleen was in her early 40’s that she was diagnosed with ADHD.  In addition to learning how to live with ADHD, she is raising a child with ADHD.  As a result, Colleen is a passionate coach, who has incredible empathy and understanding for students who have executive function challenges. Her life would have been less of a struggle if she had help with executive function skills throughout high school.  She is a walking testimony of how one can learn strategies and succeed in education, career and personal life.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Colleen loves camping and traveling to the ocean with her family and friends. She has a witty sense of humor and a “chill vibe”.  Her greatest pastime is watching her kids grow up and discovering their unique talents.

Colleen obtained a B.A in Anthropology from SUNY Buffalo and an M.A in Theology from Regent University.  She has taught a variety of subjects in middle school, high school and at the college level for over 17 years. Subjects taught include writing, public speaking, religion and philosophy.  Her teaching and life experience have helped her relate to teens and college students.  She understands this population and the expectations required for both academic and personal success. Colleen is a strength-based coach, realizing that many ADHD students feel like failures and battle negative self-talk daily. She builds up her clients’ self-esteem by focusing on strengths, providing perspective and teaching strategies to help them succeed.  Whether it’s encouraging an artist, an athlete, or helping a young person develop their natural gifts, Colleen highlights victories along the way.

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