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Meet Cortney

ADHD/ Executive Function Coach

Meet Cortney

Cortney is passionate about empowering students and adults with ADHD, cheering them on to use their unique strengths to make positive changes in their lives. It brings her joy to see clients find success and gain confidence in themselves. Cortney has personally experienced the challenges of ADHD and weak executive functioning skills in herself as well as in two of her children. With real life experience, she has found strategies to succeed, and can offer genuine empathy and encouragement towards her clients. Her goal is to help her clients find their “stride” without compromising who they are.

While she is a native to beautiful New England, Cortney has lived in Northern Virginia since 2013. She married her high school sweetheart and together they are raising their three boys and one girl. When she isn’t coaching, she is busy chauffeuring her children and managing her home. At the end of the day, she loves to curl up with a good book to unwind.

Cortney graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with a certificate in both Elementary Education and Special Education. Before staying home with her children, she worked as a special educator in public schools.  As a local nonprofit Director of a parenting program, she offered positive strengths-based parenting classes to those in the community. Most recently, Cortney graduated with her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a focus on Life Coaching.

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