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Meet Lily

Associate Executive Function Coach

Meet Lily

Lily believes that every student has the potential to reach their goals and make progress with positive support. As a former preschool teacher, she witnessed children who had neurodevelopmental and developmental disabilities, viewed as “troublemakers” by teachers as well as bullying from peers. Through research, she was able to educate her classroom and coworkers on developmental disorders and evidence-based interventions. This experience eventually led her to work with children with autism, delivering ABA therapy services as a registered behavioral technician. During her time there, she noticed a common comorbid condition with autism, which was ADHD. Her research with ADHD interventions led to her interest in both science and a practice in coaching, where she strives to make a difference in every student’s life.

Originally from Virginia Beach, Lily enjoys the beach, loves to travel and explore exciting new places. In her free time, she plays the piano, weight lifts, and reads philosophical literature. She has a passion for children and music, and recently began leading a children’s worship team. Lily currently lives in the the panhandle of West Virginia, about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh as she works on her post graduate degree.

Lily received her B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical & Counseling Psychology from Regent University. She is currently working on her M.A. in the Clinical Psychology program at West Liberty University where she will begin her independent research on the training of educators as ADHD intervention implementers within the classroom. Her previous research experience with the Psi Chi research initiative through Regent University focused on teacher’s attitudes towards implementing ADHD interventions, and adverse childhood experiences, which leads to later rejection sensitivity.  Her experience and education have rounded her out to be a supportive, caring and knowledgeable coach.

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