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Meet Noelle

Associate Executive Function Coach

Meet Noelle

Noelle always finds joy in helping others overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. She is a firm believer that when people feel heard and understood, they experience the power to excel. Growing up, Noelle struggled with time management and staying organized. Learning tools to overcome those struggles made a huge difference in her life. Today, she is passionate to help others access similar tools and provide a source of encouragement when life feels overwhelming.

Noelle and her husband grew up in Colorado and they both love to camp, hike, kayak and connect with nature. Since moving to the Virginia Beach area, the ocean has been a great source of peace and calm for her. Exploring and finding the beauty that the East Coast has to offer has been refreshing. Other interests of Noelle’s include playing ice hockey, spending time at sporting events, and listening to live music. Family pets include a cat, a turtle and a dog and one of her most favorite things to do with her husband is to take their dog to the beach!

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Noelle is currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University. Noelle has experience working with students ranging from preschool to college. She has worked as a Preschool Teacher, Behavior Technician, and has worked with teenagers as a High School Outreach Mentor. She also mentored fellow college students while pursuing her undergraduate degree.  Without a doubt, helping others is one of the passions in her life.

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