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1:1 Consultations


1:1 parent consultations

Virtual Comprehensive Parent Session with Jessel Newton, M.A, BCC

$250 for 75 minutes

(includes parent education mini-course)

Are you drowning as a parent?  How you parent plays an important role in the environment of your home.  Getting educated on ADHD/ executive function and learning effective strategies is one of the first steps of support. When 1:1 parent coaching is not an option for you, 1:1 parent consultations are a one-time comprehensive session, tailored specifically to your parenting challenges.


A 75-minute parent consultation includes:

  • access to parent education mini-course  (1.5 hours of relevant content for parents of kids with ADHD/EF challenges)

  • an assessment and report of your child’s executive functioning challenges

  • a customized list of recommended parenting strategies

  • discussion on any specific challenges you would like to address 

  • a recommended resource list customized to your situation


Solutions to Stay Afloat!

504/IEP consultations

Virtual Sessions with Brenda Rubin, M.A, BCC

  • $600 for 4 hours (includes Brenda's attendance at 504/ IEP meeting.)

  • $450 for 3 hours (Brenda does not attend the 504/ IEP meeting)

  • $155 per hour if 1 or 2 hours needed.

Navigating through school accommodations for your child can be stressful and confusing. Do you wish for smoother sailing through it all? If you need extra guidance, let Brenda Rubin guide you through the uncertainty.  No matter what state you live in, she has experience working with school administrators virtually and can provide the support you need in figuring out and requesting 504 or IEP accommodations, customized for your child's needs.  


Bosphorus View

what's included in 504/iep consultations?

  • Meeting with parent/s to discuss concerns about the child's current school situation and/or their current 504 or IEP plan.

  • Current 504 or IEP plan and any current educational reports are analyzed and reviewed.

  • Appropriate services and accommodations that meet the child's needs are reviewed and recommended; helpful advice and assistance to prepare the parents for the school meeting is provided.

  • Attend and participate in the 504 or IEP meeting with the parent/s - optional.

  • You will have peace of mind knowing Brenda is supporting you through the entire process.

Want Smoother Sailing? 
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