MEet The Team

  • In-person (Northern VA) or Virtual Coach

  • Provides ADHD/EF Coaching for school-aged children, teenagers, college students, adults, parents, and families 

  • Rates:

       $155 per 60-min session

       $600 for 4-session package (1 mo.)

       $1780 for 12-session package (3 mo.)

Jessel Newton, M.A., BCC

Founder and Board Certified ADHD/EF Coach 


Jessel’s passion is working alongside parents, families, and individuals who struggle with ADHD.  Experiencing and overcoming trials with family members who have ADHD fuels her passion to help others. She is a lifeline for overwhelmed students, adults and parents who are drowning in a sea of executive function struggles.   Her compassion is apparent in her warm, empathetic, relational and supportive style of coaching.   Her competence is reflected in her skillful approach to empower clients to find solutions that work for them.


When Jessel isn’t coaching or running this coaching practice, she is running her busy home with her devoted husband, three active children and Covid puppy.  Enjoying a cafe latte with raspberry or coconut syrup, a date with her hubby, traveling the world, and reading a good book in solitude are just some of her many interests.

Jessel is a Board Certified Coach under the Center of Credentialing and Education.  She obtained her B.S. in Family Studies from the University of Maryland, and M.A. in Counseling from Regent University. A graduate from the International Coaching Federation-accredited JST Coaching & Training program, for teens and college students, she is also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.  She specializes in adult ADHD life coaching, parent coaching and family coaching. Being a huge fan of Dr. Greene's Collaborative & Proactive Solutions approach, she encourages families to learn effective collaboration and problem-solving. She has experience in working with individuals with ADHD, ASD, anxiety, emotional dysregulation and a wide range of executive function weaknesses. 

Amy pearson headshot_edited.jpg
  • In person (Northern VA) or Virtual Coach 

  • Provides ADHD/EF Coaching for middle schoolers, teens and college students

  • Rates:

       $105 per 60-min session

       $400 for 4-session package (1 mo.)

       $1180 for 12-session package (3 mo.)

Amy Pearson, B.S

Associate Executive Function Coach


Amy takes great joy in connecting with people of all ages and experiences, and desires to support others with a gentle and encouraging spirit. Learning to overcome her past school challenges, she has empathy as she uses her skills to help others feel less overwhelmed by the daily demands of life and school. Amy also understands the unique joys and challenges of parenting a child with ADHD. Learning about ADHD, the impact it has on executive function, and her eagerness to work with those struggling, fuels her passion for coaching. It is her belief that we are a work in progress and aren’t meant to figure it all out on our own. 

Amy has lived in Northern Virginia for almost 20 years with her supportive and encouraging husband. You can usually find them on a ball field or cheering on the Nats with their 4 energetic kids!  Amy loves to spend time with neighbors, friends, family and her church community. 

Amy received her B.S. in Human Development with a concentration in Human Services from Virginia Tech. She worked in the international adoption field for over 10 years, assisting families through the rigorous process of adoption and advocating for children with special needs. She has also worked as a Home Study Coordinator, interviewing, assessing and preparing families for adoption. She has partnered with her husband, doing lay counseling with couples, and is a substitute teacher at the school her children attend.

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  • Virtual Coach 

  • Provides ADHD/EF Coaching for preschoolers, school-aged children, teenagers, college students, adults, parents, families

  • Rates: 

       $130 per 60-min session

       $500 for 4-session package (1 mo.)

       $1480 for 12-session package (3 mo.)

Brenda Rubin, M.A., BCC

Board Certified ADHD/EF Coach 


Brenda is passionate about working with students of all ages, cheering them on, as well as their parents. She cares deeply for families who have "out of the box" children, as she has experienced the challenges of raising her own neurodiverse children. Her compassion for those walking this journey is apparent in her coaching approach.  A cheerleader for all children - from toddlers to teens to college students - she believes no child is “broken”. She desires for families to find peace and for kids to find self acceptance. Empowering clients to see their potential, inner strength, and also use the necessary skills and tools they need to find their way, gives her great joy.  


When she isn’t coaching, Brenda is home with her supportive husband, two wonderful kids and a precious dog. She enjoys exercising, traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family and friends.  


Brenda is a Board Certified Coach under the Center of Credentialing and Education. She obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Lehigh University and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Monmouth University. Also a graduate from the International Coaching Federation-accredited JST Coaching & Training program, for teens and college students.  Specialties include working with individuals who have experienced trauma, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, sensory disorders, behavior disorders, learning differences, and much more. 

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  • Virtual Coach 

  • Provides ADHD/EF Coaching  for middle schoolers, teens and college students

  • Rates: 

       $105 per 60-min session

       $400 for 4-session package (1 mo.)

       $1180 for 12-session package (3 mo.)

Colleen Freeman, M.A.

Associate Executive Function Coach 


Colleen’s life experience has given her the heart and motivation to help students with ADHD. Growing up, Colleen did her best to achieve success in a world driven by executive function skills.  She often felt embarrassed when she forgot homework assignments or arrived at games without her soccer cleats.  She thought her forgetfulness and disorganization would improve if she tried harder.  But it didn’t.  It was not until Colleen was in her early 40’s that she was diagnosed with ADHD.  In addition to learning how to live with ADHD, she is raising a child with ADHD.  As a result, Colleen is a passionate coach, who has incredible empathy and understanding for students who have executive function challenges. Her life would have been less of a struggle if she had help with executive function skills throughout high school.  She is a walking testimony of how one can learn strategies and succeed in education, career and personal life. 


As an outdoor enthusiast, Colleen loves camping and traveling to the ocean with her family and friends. She has a witty sense of humor and a “chill vibe”.  Her greatest pastime is watching her kids grow up and discovering their unique talents.  


Colleen obtained a B.A in Anthropology from SUNY Buffalo and an M.A in Theology from Regent University.  She has taught a variety of subjects in middle school, high school and at the college level for over 17 years. Subjects taught include writing, public speaking, religion and philosophy.  Her teaching and life experience have helped her relate to teens and college students.  She understands this population and the expectations required for both academic and personal success.  Colleen is a strength-based coach, realizing that many ADHD students feel like failures and battle negative self-talk daily. She builds up her clients’ self-esteem by focusing on strengths, providing perspective and teaching strategies to help them succeed.  Whether it’s encouraging an artist, an athlete, or helping a young person develop their natural gifts, Colleen highlights victories along the way. 

  • Virtual Coach

  • Provides ADHD/EF Coaching for middle school, high school and college students.

  • Rates:

       $80 per 60-min session​

       $300 for 4-session package (1 mo.)

       $880 for 12-session package (3 mo.)

Jaline Israel, B.S

ADHD/EF Coach Intern

Jaline is passionate about helping individuals unlock their greatest potential. In particular, she enjoys working with neurodiverse clients, and helps them to navigate life’s struggles, making adjustments to best fit their lifestyle, goals, and dreams. Empowering and supporting clients are important strengths to her coaching style as is her compassion, warmth, and patience. Jaline is excited to work with ADHD individuals on their journey to growth, personal development, and heightened executive functioning. 


When she isn’t coaching, you will find Jaline attending her graduate school classes or doing schoolwork. In her free time, she enjoys singing, painting, spending time with her boyfriend and friends, or catching up on Netflix shows. 


Jaline received her B.S in psychology at the University Of Massachusetts Amherst. During this time, she gained experience working with diverse groups of children and teenagers as both a substitute teacher and a camp counselor. After receiving her degree, she took a gap year and worked with autistic kids as an ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapist. Jaline is currently working towards earning her doctorate (PsyD) degree in psychology from Regent University. Her expected graduation date is May, 2026. 

  • Virtual Coach

  • Provides ADHD/EF Coaching for teenagers, college students and  adults

  • Rates: ​

       $130 per 60-min session​

       $500 for 4-session package (1 mo.)

       $1480 for 12-session package (3 mo.)

Ridhisha Mekala, B.A

Certified ADHD/EF Coach

Ridhisha is dedicated to providing life and academic coaching, solutions, and strategies to adults and students with ASD, ADHD, giftedness, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. She is a certified ADHD coach specializing in coaching teens and youth with ADHD and executive functioning. She has tutored and mentored students from first grade through postsecondary education who learn differently. In addition, she has delivered reading remediation and writing plans to struggling readers and writers with learning disabilities. She also enjoys being a life coach for adults with ADHD of all ages. As a coach, Ridhisha uses neuroscience and evidence-based strategies to support EF and ADHD challenges.  Her warmth, friendly nature, compassion and competence exudes as she helps clients live up to their potential.


Ridhisha lives with her daughter and husband, and her two cats. When she's not coaching, you might find her having fun and dancing all around her house, with her young daughter! She also practices cross-fit and mindfulness to help her stay focused in daily life.

She earned the ICF and CCE-approved coach training from the Institute of JST Training and Coaching and ADLER Professional School of Coaching.  She has certifications in the Foundations of Psychology and Counseling Skills, and Mindfulness for Peak Performance.  Ridhisha received a B. A. in Communications from Osmania University in India. Currently, she is pursuing a postgraduate certification program from the Landmark College Institute in 'Neurodiversity and Learning Differences in Individuals' with a track specialization in Executive Functioning.