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set up your middle schooler for 


For parents living in the Northern VA area....
Home schooling


  • Are you at a loss to know how to help your child do better at school? 

  • Shouldn’t they know how to do well in school?

  • Shouldn’t they know how to plan, organize, manage their time well, take good notes and study for tests? 

  • Shouldn’t they just try harder or do better

Most students don’t just know how to do this on their own. Especially, students with ADHD or weak executive functioning skills (such as planning, time management and organization etc)  - telling them to try harder or do better just doesn’t work!


Even if some schools teach study skills, they are often not engaging, especially for students with ADHD that may already feel that school is B-O-O-O-O-R-I-N-G!! 

ADHD creative brains need excitement, engagement and fun! 


They need more support with time management, planning, remembering assignments and they may not know how to study. They need to actually learn study skills!


As a parent, you might feel overwhelmed with these issues. You may have tried to help, but your middle schooler may not always want to hear from you!  

Or you don't know how to help.  Or you're just plain too tired.


As a parent, this can feel discouraging. 



  • What if your student was able to learn specific skills in a fun and engaging way? 

  • What if their creative brain was able to choose creative strategies that work for them instead of dreading school and studying?

  • What if you didn’t have to get into power struggles, and could enjoy them again, because someone else was teaching them how to study?

  • What if they could build confidence in their academic life?

What if...

What if there were actual tips, tricks, skills and strategies to help them succeed? 

Well, there is!



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We know you desperately want your middle schooler to succeed, and we want them to succeed too

Our team of coaches understand ADHD.

We get the challenges, and we are passionate to do all we can to support ADHD students. 


We want to affirm how these amazing brains learn differently and to teach them ADHD-friendly study skills in an engaging that's why we have created this workshop especially designed to keep middle schoolers engaged and to use their amazing brains to their advantage. 

 Did you know?
Students who take a study skills class are more likely to succeed in school. A study published in The Journal of Educational Psychology found that students who received instruction in study skills showed significant improvement in their grades, test scores, and time management skills.

School Supplies


  • What is it? This is a 7-week in-person small group course (6-8 students). Your student will learn tips, tricks, skills and strategies for success in school.

  • Who's it for? It’s perfect for middle school students who want to build confidence and succeed in school by learning effective study strategies.

  • When is it? Each session will run on Monday evenings for 70 minutes, 6:50pm to 8:00pm in Sterling, Virginia. (Virtual options are coming soon). Dates for Fall 2023 are October16, 23 & 30 and Nov 6, 13, 20 & 27.

  • Where is it?  The Life Anchored Coaching Office at 21351 Gentry Dr, Suite 250, Sterling, Virginia.

  • what else do i need to know? Keep reading and scroll down for FAQs.

in this course, your middle schooler will learn to:

  • Set themselves up for success by learning the best environment for their brains...because not all brains learn the same way!

  • Identify their strengths and learn to nurture a growth mindset.


  • Prioritize, set goals and plan (hooray!).

  • Manage their time more effectively and create a daily homework that they can complete their homework in a timely manner.

  • Organize everything, from their room to their binder, to a project (hooray again!)

  • Take effective that they learn and retain the information and do better on tests.

  • Read books more it doesn’t overwhelm them and they can push through until the end.

  • Learn strategies for studying and test-taking to reduce anxiety and help them be prepared for test day!

course overview

Week 1 

Set Yourself Up for Success

"Want to get A’s? It’s up to You to Set Yourself Up for Success!"

We will talk about who's responsible for your grades and your future, how your brain works, your strengths, mindset, and the right environment for success!

Week 2

Focus Solutions for school, home and reading

"but teacher, there was a squirrel outside my window....And. I. didn't. hear. a. thing." We will discuss focus strategies for the classroom and at home, as well as learn reading strategies so you can stay focused and not give up on that reading. 

Week 3

Prioritization, Goal-setting and Planning

"Priorities, Priorities!  What your parents are saying is true! Some things are ACTUALLY more important."  We will learn what is TRULY important, how to set goals and learn effective planning tips.

Week 4

Time management, Planners, Schedules

"I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! Let’s learn to manage time."  We will learn why time management is so important, encourage you to choose a planner that you would use,  and help you create an after school homework schedule that works for you!

Week 5


"'Mom, have you seen my ________??' Organization 101!"  We will learn the skill of organizing everything, from your bedroom to your binder. You will learn to find a place for all your stuff, so you and your parents don’t have to search (or keep tripping over it) any longer!

Week 6


"What? There's different ways to take notes?" We will learn 5 different note-taking strategies so that you can choose which is best for your brain, and learn to ace those tests by taking great notes.

Week 7

test-taking strategies

"You've got this! How to Beat the overwhelm when taking tests."  We will learn  study tips and test-taking techniques to help you retain information, stay calm and be the most prepared you can be for taking tests. 

"The session on note-taking had a dramatic impact on my 8th grader. Jessel presented the information so engagingly; just the day after that session, I was encouraged to see her employing the strategies she learned  - without me prompting her.


- Carl H, proud dad of middle school daughter



  • Each class will come with a printed workbook so your student can take notes and remember the lesson forever.

  • $70 value


  • A Life Anchored Parent Education video: “What you need to know about ADHD.”

  • $97 value


  • Digital templates so that your student can have digital access to continue what they have learned (ex. goal setting template, planning template, note taking template etc)

  • $50 value


  • "Top 10 Tips/ Resources” for parents

  • $40 value and saves you researching time!


  • A fidget gadget or ADHD-friendly item to bring home, every week - In person workshop only.

  • $35 value


  • Weekly brief video updates after each class to let you know what was discussed (this way you are not in the dark and you know how to help your student implement what they have learned!)

  • Priceless!!

7-week course
(8.5 hours total)             


=  $900

=  $292





Today's price  =$697

= $1192


Limited Spots Available for this Fall! 

Are you ready for your middle schooler to learn study skills?

Middle school is a challenging time for students. The workload increases and the expectations are higher. Students with ADHD or weak executive function skills need support - and they need it in a fun and engaging way. Most students don’t just “know” study skills, they need to be taught them. Now is the time for your middle schooler to learn helpful and creative strategies that will help them gain confidence - and build a good foundation for high school!'s the Truth...



When is the class?

This Fall class will start on Monday, October 16, 2023 and will run for seven Mondays from 6:50pm-8:00pm. That’s October 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 and 27.  For the last class, we will do a mini-celebration at the end, so pick up will be at 8:15pm that night.


Where is the class?
The Life Anchored Coaching Office at 21351 Gentry Drive, Suite 250, Sterling, VA 20166

What if my child misses a class?  Are there any make-up sessions?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer make-ups classes. We can email you the slides and notes and you can cover them with your student.

Will my child have homework every week from the study skills class? 

Yes, kind of - but not really!  We actually call it "FUNWORK" as they will be implementing what they learned in real life! For example: after we teach on how to "set yourself up for success,"we will ask your students to go home and experiment with the best location for them to study - and to make sure they have all their supplies!

How much do I need to be involved as a parent?

Thanks for asking! Yes, we need you to be a supportive parent and involved where you can be.  The following are some ways to be involved. Please drop off your child on-time or better yet, a few minutes early! We definitely want to meet you during the first class so be sure to say Hello. We will also email weekly update videos from the coach, letting you know what your students learned. So please watch those brief videos, and lastly, please help “encourage” or “gently remind” (not nag or micromanage) your student to do their "FUNWORK" for the week, and affirm them when they do it!

What happens if my child does not implement the skill (AKA as funwork) for the week?

We will encourage them to do so, the next week.  However, for those that do, they will get their reward (the ADHD-friendly tool) for that week! 

Do you have to be diagnosed with ADHD to take this workshop?

Nope! Some students have weaker executive function skills (ie. planning, attention, organization, etc) or just need extra support with learning study strategies - whether your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or not, they can still take this workshop. We do sprinkle ADHD fun facts throughout the workshop and we do teach ADHD-friendly strategies that are helpful for ADHDers and non-ADHDers alike.

Are there any refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds, instead, you can sign up for the next available workshop, or use the credit towards 1:1 coaching or 1:1 parent consultations.


If my student has already had 1:1 coaching, is this a repeat of that? 

Every student has different needs so if your student received 1:1 coaching, it was customized according to their needs/ goals. Most likely, all these study skills were not covered in 1:1 Coaching. If some of them were covered, it’s always helpful to relearn the skills and it helps reinforce learning to do it in a fun, group setting! 

What type of student sees benefits after taking this study skills workshop?

Glad you asked! The best student who sees results, is one who is teachable, who actually wants to learn and regularly puts into practice what they have learned. Consistency and practice is the key to succeeding with study skills. Parents who show encouragement and a supportive, affirming home environment also contribute to the success of students. If your middle schooler hates the idea of signing up for this workshop, and is putting up a fight, we would encourage you not to sign up. Perhaps, the option of parent coaching may help you navigate these struggles.

Do you give the students food/ drinks I need to know about since my child has allergies? We will give out gum and mini chocolates at times, as rewards. If this will pose a problem for your child, please let us know ahead of time so we can figure out substitutes. 


Will you offer this in a study skills virtual on-demand course format in the future?

Yes! That is a plan. If you are interested in this scenario, please complete the gray form below.

Will you offer this to high school students in the future? 

Yes! We are tweaking this curriculum to be relevant to high schoolers and plan to offer that in January 2024 (live virtual and in-person).  If interested, please complete the gray form below.

Space is Limited. Sign up Today!

Disclaimer: This webpage is intended to give information on the benefits and content of this workshop. The coach/facilitator reserves the right to modify, supplement and make changes to the curriculum as needs arise.  Taking this workshop is not a guarantee that the participant will improve grades. The coach/ facilitator will teach the skills presented and to gain the most effective results, it will be up to the student to implement the skills.

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